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Hybrid Servo Solutions


HYBIRD Technology

Introduced by SICK™ almost seven years ago, the OCT – One-Cable Technology – associated with Hiperface DSL communication revolutionized the market. In fact, the integration of the encoder cable into the motor power cable simplifies wiring and allows the construction of lighter systems.


HYBRID Servo Cables

DRIVEConn MT OCT is the family we develop back in 2015 that comprises all the One Cable Technology solutions. We have now not only the DSL HIPERFACE solution, but also the HMC6 EnDat 2.2 and the SIEMENS hybrid servo plus a wealth of custom solutions that share the same technology background.


HYBRID Testing

SINCE the beginning, and due to our past experiences, we have always prided to have – even small when we started – a testing area were to qualify raw materials and finished productsThis area, when we moved to our actual premises, has been enlarged and it will be bigger into our new production plant.