Harsh Endurance Test with SMC Group
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  • Created on 07/09/2017

Harsh Endurance Test with SMC Group

MotionCables SCM Group have collaborated to develop a particularly selective test and evaluate X-axis behavior in time, that involved the cable chain, cables, and tubes installed therein. The test had the following parameters:

  • CHAIN SPEED 150 m / min
  • ACCELERATION 1 G (10 m / sec2)
  • TOTAL CYCLES > 4,000,000 (4 million)

Result: 100% POSITIVE


The number of cycles carried out and the type of endurance test, with characteristics that have remained unaltered for the whole period of this test, have reproduced a simulated real-time accelerated use allowing us - in view of its more than positive outcome - to endorse the hypotesis of an uninterrupted operation of the X axis and its components (cables and tubes) for a period of 10 years of service. MotionCables and SCM Group collaborate to provide quality and high reliability products to their respective customers, as proven by real testing.

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