In the machine tools market the OCT (One Cable Technology) solutions are becoming increasingly common. The single-cable solution ensures that instead of the traditional servo cable for power supply and sensor cable for the position information, the transmission and signal are integrated into one single cable. The precondition for the use of a single-cable solution between the servomotor and the controller is the use of a hardware-based encoder designed for this purpose. Since the encoder is permanently connected to the servomotor, the system shall be made available to the final customer by the manufacturer of the servo motor. MotionCables began the development of her OCT solutions with SICK®, creating a cable for their HIPERFACE® DSL system that has been approved and qualified by SICK®: now MotionCables is therefore a SICK® certified manufacturer for this cable. Strengthened by this experience MotionCables has developed a version for the HMC 6® Full Digital system of Heidenhain® based on the EnDat 2.2 protocol as well as the analogus fro B&R®. Both cables have been tested in our laboratories and in their versions (fixed installation, mobile, high performance) have operated up to ten million cycles. With regard to the HIPERFACE® DSL cable MotionCables has recently developed a new version with dual Shield, even more powerful for data transmission quality and with an higher rate in noise reduction up to 4,5 kV @ 10 MHz.

MotionOCT Hybrid Servo DSL

MotionOCT Hybrid Servo EnDat 2.2

MotionOCT Hybrid Servo HMC6

With its Hybrid Motor Cable HMC 6, HEIDENHAIN® has integrated the encoder lines in the power cable. So now only one cable is needed between the motor and electrical cabinet.The HMC 6 single-cable solution has been specially conceived for the HEIDENHAIN® EnDat22 interface with purely serial transmission over cable lengths up to 100 m. However, all other encoders with purely serial RS-485 interface can also be connected. This makes a broad range of encoders available without having to introduce a new interface. The HMC 6 integrates the lines for encoders, motors and brakes in only one cable. MotionCables offers you the three versions with power cable from 1.50, 2.50 or 4.0 mm2

MotionOCT Hybrid Servo S210 Sinamics

MotionOCT Hybrid Servo IndraDyn S

Rexroth IndraDrive Mi is an innovative system solution within the Rexroth IndraDrive platform. In a Rexroth IndraDrive Mi drive system, it is possible to combine distributed servo motors KSM and distributed drive controllers KMS. A Rexroth IndraDrive Mi drive system consists of the following components: Distributed servo drive KSM, Terminal connector RHS, Hybrid cable RKH, Electronic control system KCU, Distributed drive controller KMS and Motor. The hybrid cable RKH replaces the following individual cables: Motor power cable, Encoder cable, Control voltage and signal exchange cable, SERCOS cable.