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Being a company that works mainly on the machine tools cable market, we need to test our product under a severe series of real-performing tests.

This is why we invest in recreate the conditions most nearby those that the cable will face during its operational life. What we strive, at the end, is to be sure that our technology and our materials will be safe and provide a long service life to our end customers.

Single or Cable-bunch Torsion

The cable (or bundle of cables) is rotated according to the angle to the right and to the left while undergoes a pulling force (F). Each full reciprocating movement is considered one cycle.

Cable Ø range Rotation Angle Sample Distance
5 ∶ 50 mm ± 540 ° 1000 m
5 ∶ 50 mm ± 360 ° 300 m
Single or Cable-bunch Torsion

Drag Chain Test

<legend>Drag Chain Test

Lifecycles in drag chain test

Travel Acceleration Speed
2 m 6 G 600 m/min
5 m 4 G 400 m/min
13 m 2 G 300 m/min
110 m 0.5 G 100 m/min

Alternate Bending (Tick / Tock Test)

The type of test requires that the cable is subjected to a regime of push ups (each of which is considered one cycle) according to different loading parameters on the same. The maximum tensile load is 3000N. The maximum cable diameter is 50mm. Test similar to DIN VDE 0281 Part 2.

Cable Ø range Bending Pulley Rotation Angle
5 ∶ 50 mm 20 ∶ 100 mm ± 135 °
<legend>Alternate Bending (Tick / Tock Test)</legend>

Combined Flexion / Bending Test

<legend>Combined Flexion / Bending Test</legend>

The sample cable in test is made travelling at different speeds with different accelerations (also sometimes sudden) for simulating an operation of traction, torsion and bending. A portion of the cable is secured to a weight and the rest is passed through two pulleys. Each stroke is considered a cycle.

Travel Acceleration Speed
5 m 4 G 400 m/min

Pulling Test

The cable's sample is subjected to a Max Pull Force of 5Tons.

Cable Ø range Maximun Load
10 ∶ 50 mm 5 Ton
<legend>Pulling Test</legend>