?> Installation Guide for Cables in Dragchain
In order to keep the quality and long lasting life of cables in drag chains we recommend the following:
  • Always respect the minimum bending radius indicated by the supplier. In order to prevent cables from blocking each other movement, allow a free space above and below the cable of at least 20% of its outer diameter.
  • To ensure the preservation of the high-quality characteristics, cables should be stored in closed space and between the temperature levels given on the technical papers.
  • Keep the cables in their original drums until final installation. Repeated winding and unwinding on different drums or reels can cause damages and should be avoided.
  • When installing cables in drag chains laid them without any inducted torsion. Pull the cable not sideways from the drum, but tangentially. We suggest to lay or hang the cable before use in order to take rid of any possible twist.
  • When in drag chain, cables must have complete freedom of movement. Free space has to be at least 10% of the cable outer diameter on all sides, not exceeding 50% in width.
  • Whenever possible try not to place cables one on top of another. It is mandatory that cables width different outer diameter and conducting materials should be installed separately.
  • Never, in any case, use fixations and/or guiderails upon the longitudinal movement of the cable.
  • Keep a substantial amount of loose cable on both ends of the drag chain. Absolutely avoid to keep the movement up to the point of fixation.
  • Perform a few cycles, after installation and before fixing all cables in order to verify free movements and spaces around the cables.
  • After a short period of operation it is very important to verify again the cables’ adjustment: check eventual contortions, overlaps or stretching and similar. We suggest to take these controls one every six months.
  • Replace all the cable if a damage or fracture happens to the drag chain. Contortion or indentation of the cables are extremely possible.