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In our idea to keep things easy, one step cannot be done in this way.

The MOTION LAB is where all the things has not to be easy, but has to be precise. Mandatory. We are putting a wide and daily effort in the ever-evolving qualification and control of our products, materials, process of production. Our aim to distribute high quality products have to cope with the fact that all has to be tested, tested and tested again. Quality is our key to success: we strongly believe that if a customer can cope with high-quality products, on the spot service, deep technical advice, so he will be bond to us and remain in our team for a long time.

As you are using our products we know that you depend on our quality, so we strive for the maximum. We validate designs of high performance industrial cables and accessories through continuous testing. In the following pages a brief of some of the testing taking place at our state-of-the-art laboratories.

Quality Test on Raw Materials

MECHANICAL TESTING Tensile & Elongation

IEC 60811, DIN 53504, ASTM D412, UL 1581


IEC 60811 - UL 1581 - VDE 0472
CNOMO E.03.40.150


IEC 60811, DIN 53504, ASTM D412, UL 1581

Quality Test on Products