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MotionOCT Hybrid Servo HMC6

MotionOCT Hybrid Servo HMC6

With its Hybrid Motor Cable HMC 6, HEIDENHAIN® has integrated the encoder lines in the power cable. So now only one cable is needed between the motor and electrical cabinet.The HMC 6 single-cable solution has been specially conceived for the HEIDENHAIN® EnDat22 interface with purely serial transmission over cable lengths up to 100 m. However, all other encoders with purely serial RS-485 interface can also be connected. This makes a broad range of encoders available without having to introduce a new interface. The HMC 6 integrates the lines for encoders, motors and brakes in only one cable. MotionCables offers you the three versions with power cable from 1.50, 2.50 or 4.0 mm2


Drag-Chain Installation
MotionOCT Hybrid Servo HMC6- Operating Voltage: 1000 V - PVC Oil Resistant DP
Drag-Chain High Speed
MotionOCT Hybrid Servo HMC6- Operating Voltage: 1000 V - PUR HP