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With the increased demand for safety in public areas and buildings, contractors are now being advised to install materials that are non-hazardous to members of the public in case of fire. It is now understood that smoke and poisonous fumes can be a greater risk to lives than that of fire alone. The biggest issue is the full understanding of what is a true low smoke halogen free cable.

To be assured you are buying a cable that will offer security during fire, it must pass 3 tests pertaining to halogen content, low smoke density and flame propagation.
MotionCables' range of low smoke halogen free cables are stringently tested to IEC and VDE standards to ensure the proper behaviour when installing these cables where human life or valuable property are exposed to a high risk of fire hazards.


Halogen Free
MotionLSZH- Operating Voltage: 300/500 V - Halogen Free TM 7 BP